Customs Brokerage

Customs Clearance

A well-designed and well-managed customs clearance program reduce cycle times, improves shipment visibility and lowers cost. Local experts of our Customs Service enable timely and reliable movement of your goods through the customs process. We offer clearance in a consistent, timely and cost effective manner by acting as a direct extension of our customers’ business to develop individual service programs that are uniquely tailored to cater their needs. We assign a single point contact who is an expert to handle all the customs clearance needs. We enable you to focus on other areas of your business, while we relentlessly prepare all the pre-requisites such as checking your cargo availability, arranging physical inspections, re-stuffing and delivery. We also arrange a survey of damaged cargos and obtain damage/loss reports to protect your interests and rights in order to lodge claims through the underwriters.

Keeping our customers informed of any government changes, new regulations, and trade alerts are part of our commitment. As we have strategically positioned our team of customs & compliance experts in all major ports. This perfectly complements our freight forwarding division in all inbound and outbound cargos.

We offer our customers a diverse range of customs brokerage services like Pre & Post Shipment assistance, Real Time Track & Trace, Import & Export compliance consulting, commodity specific consulting, commodity specific consulting, Duty Drawback and Reconciliation etc.

We bring peace of mind to our customers by way of ensuring smooth clearance, transportation and cost effective movement of the cargos. Our global logistics network of local experts understands the nuances of their respective country’s customs regulations and provide you the critical edge in expediting customs clearance and delivery of shipments.

We electronically integrate customs brokerage event information and activities into our global transportation and distribution network. This information is directly linked to transportation and inventory management data, leading to a seamless, cost-effective global transportation and customs clearance process that assures maximum data quality and an efficient, secure service that delivers your shipments on time.

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